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All your invoicing and payment information automatically syncs with our free accounting software included with your account. Enable invoice wave invoicing login payments through credit card, bank and Apple Pay. Pay per use so you’re only charged when technology clients use this feature.

  • When everything is neatly where it belongs, tax time is simple.
  • Explore alternative software options that can fulfill similar requirements as Invoicing by Wave.
  • Your clients will be able to rely on accurate, clearly outlined charges.
  • The format includes automatic formulas, so no need to manually figure out labor costs or management fees.
  • Once logged in, your main dashboard will show your cash flow, profit and loss, invoices, bills and other financial insights.

Setting up Wave doesn’t take as much time as setting up FreshBooks since it asks far fewer questions about your business. You provide some basic details and then customize the app by, for example, modifying invoice and estimate forms, setting up sales tax, and choosing your preferred currency. Wave is a multiuser service, so if someone other than yourself needs access, you can choose from among multiple roles, each of which limits a user’s ability to view, edit, enter, and delete information. Intuit QuickBooks Online, for example, provides deep, granular user permissions. Wave delivers an excellent double-entry accounting service for very small businesses that want to import transactions from online bank accounts, and most of its features are free.

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It’s favored by self-employed professionals in every field because it is intuitive, easy to use, and produces crisp, clear documents. As a result, our Word invoice template is perfect for creating well-organized invoices that include all the details needed for you to get paid for your hard work. And just like working with Google Docs, you will be able to access your invoices anywhere you are, and on any device that has internet access. The invoice template is also extremely flexible, so it can capture every detail needed to ensure you get paid properly for the outstanding products and/or services you provide. As mentioned in our review, Wave covers the basics when it comes to invoicing, but you may find this different once your business starts to grow. Freelancers and small-sized businesses will benefit from the invoicing services from Wave, but as soon as your business grows, more advanced features and needs might be needed.

Manually creating invoices in Microsoft Word or Excel can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. Digital invoicing empowers your small business by automating invoice processing and saving time by tracking key invoice data like upcoming and outstanding invoices. You can also manage late payments more efficiently through e-invoicing by setting up payment reminders to send to your customers before an invoice due date. You can enjoy features such as unlimited income and expenses tracking, digital receipt upload and transaction management and access its invoice mobile app at no cost.


As long as you’re content with basic features and don’t see yourself expanding in the foreseeable future, you’ll find this completely free, easy-to-use software particularly appealing. Since you don’t have to pay anything to get started, it’s certainly worth trying out. With Wave, you’ll be able to send unlimited, customized invoices to your customers, manage an unlimited number of expenses and track unlimited receipts through its receipt scanning and capture feature. We score 3.5 because Wave offers your small business a free and robust solution to invoicing and keeping track of your expenses. For businesses that are product-based, the solution might not be the best fit due to the lack of an inventory management system.

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. Fast, free, beautiful invoicing for small business owners is here. Know at a glance what’s happening with every invoice so you can take the right actions and manage your cash flow best. Create beautiful, custom invoices from templates with easy drag-and-drop editing. On top of that, you need to ensure your invoices look polished and professional to build up credibility and trust in your business.

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Expenses and hours worked are simple to sync to your invoice, ensuring your final bill reflects the exact amount of time you spent on each project. With limited availability, currently only for single-owner businesses in the US, Wave offers a business checking account with companion physical and virtual debit cards called Wave Money. The benefit of this business account is the built-in bookkeeping integration that connects to other features from Wave. According to my opinion, Wave Invoicing is the best of the best invoicing software. From its time-saving features to customised functionality, it stands out amidst other software.

wave invoicing

This invoice template for freelancers is also supremely flexible so it can be used to bill all your clients, no matter what freelance services you provide. Add or subtract line items to describe the relevant details for any kind of project. Save time chasing customers by setting up automatic payment reminders.

While Wave has a lot to offer when it comes to invoicing, know that it’s still slightly less automated than some competitors. This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but it might require a bit more bookkeeping work. Accounting apps like Wave wouldn’t be useful if they didn’t allow you to import transactions from your bank and credit card accounts. All that’s needed to set up these connections is your login credentials from your online accounts and occasionally answers to additional security questions, depending on the financial institution.

Strong invoicing feature competes with that of paid products; app lets users send invoices on the go; offers significantly fewer reports than competitors; no inventory tracking. Wave Accounting is ideal for micro businesses with less than 10 employees, https://www.bookstime.com/ contractors, freelancers and other service-based businesses on a budget. The free financial management software is user-friendly and equipped with all the basics, including income and expense tracking, bank connections, invoicing and reporting.